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Joshua Anthony - Buyers Agent and Director

Hi, I'm Josh

As a Perth-based Buyer's Agent, my fascination with real estate ignited when I took my initial steps into the world of property investment. However, my early experiences were clouded by misleading advice, shedding light on the lack of robust support for property buyers. This discovery ignited a passion within me to become the advocate I wished I had when I began.

Driven by a deep desire to provide clarity and guidance, I embarked on a journey of over a decade, delving into both global and local property markets. This rich experience has refined my expertise, ensuring my clients discover their dream properties at the best prices. I specialize in the art of home buying and strategic investment.

My commitment remains unwavering - to provide a warm, supportive experience for my clients, guiding them seamlessly through the intricate world of property acquisition and investment.


Discovery Session with Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent Perth WA


To initiate our collaborative journey, our process begins with a personalized 15-minute Discovery Session designed to unravel your unique aspirations, preferences, and budgetary considerations.

This introductory conversation serves as a crucial bridge to gauge alignment between your property ambitions and our services. Should our visions align and the synergy resonate, we then progress to our comprehensive Game Plan session.


We meticulously delve into your lifestyle, financial goals, and property preferences, crafting a roadmap for wealth creation or passive income. This collaborative process aligns your aspirations with our expertise. We ensure a tailored strategy, catering to both first-time buyers and seasoned investors.

Setting up a property buying game plan with Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent Perth WA
Joshua Anthony working to find your next ideal investment property with his expertise in Investment property Perth WA


We meticulously curate properties, combing through on and off-market listings to handpick those meeting your criteria.

Leveraging our local expertise, we uncover hidden gems aligned with your preferences. After arranging viewings and providing expert guidance, standout options are cataloged in your personal online dashboard along with our recommendations.


At this crucial stage, our market expertise and strategic approach shift into high gear. With our extensive daily involvement, we possess an innate understanding of a home's true value.

Best of all, we’re experts at negotiating better property purchase prices to guarantee savings for you. Understand the value we bring by understanding the role of a buyer’s agent, compared to a seller’s agent.

Making the number work for you, Joshua Anhiny Buyers Agent will making sue that its the perfect property.
Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent will help you from discovery to settlement with his knowledge of the Perth WA


As you prepare to celebrate, we manage the settlement process in collaboration with your conveyancer and finance lender, ensuring a seamless experience.

Our team oversees the final property inspection, secures the settlement date, and facilitates the key handover.

Additionally, for investors, we coordinate with property managers, swiftly ensuring a smooth transition and timely tenant placement, optimizing your investment's potential.


Beyond the purchase, we remain vigilant in monitoring your property’s growth and market changes. As your property gains equity and matures, we'll stay in touch to discuss its performance and potential opportunities for further growth.

Our aim is to leverage your initial investment success into a growing portfolio. Whether it's through renovations, diversification, or strategic acquisitions, we'll be ready to guide you through the process, ensuring your investment portfolio continually evolves to meet your financial goals.

For a successful investment property portfolio management look no further than Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent Perth WA


Owner Occupier

Investment Property

Owner occupied overjoyed that they have found their dream home with Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent Perth Buyers Agent
Investment property discussion with Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent Perth Investment Property Buyers Agent

Discover Your Dream Home!

Maximize Your Investments, Perth and Beyond!

Your Ideal Home Awaits! For owner-occupiers seeking the perfect place to settle, trust our expertise to guide you through this significant decision.

Whether it's for family, retirement, or work convenience, we're dedicated to helping you find the right home sweet home.

Investment Property

Maximize Your Investments, Perth and Beyond!

Whether you're a novice or seasoned investor, our expertise extends from the vibrant Perth market to nationwide opportunities, tailored to meet your investment goals.

Harness our strategic insights and proven strategies for high-performing investments, whether you're just starting out or expanding your portfolio.

Evaluation & Negotiation

Empower Your Property Pursuits!

Seeking assistance with pricing, offer strategies, or property choices?

We're here to offer valuable advice at any stage of your property pursuit. Whether you're navigating negotiations or need guidance crafting contract conditions.

We provide the support you need to secure your ideal property.

Auction Representation

Evaluation and Negotiation Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent is working for you, to get you the best property
Auction representation with Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent looking after your auction nerves.

Empower Your Property Pursuits!

Rise Above The Auction Pressure!

Seeking assistance with pricing, offer strategies, or property choices?

We're here to offer valuable advice at any stage of your property pursuit. Whether you're navigating negotiations or need guidance crafting contract conditions.

We provide the support you need to secure your ideal property.

Even the savviest buyers can find auctions overwhelming. Let our calm expertise take the lead while you focus on the celebration.

Together, we'll navigate the emotionally charged auction process, ensuring you secure your dream property hassle-free. No need for nerves of steel — just rely on our experienced hand to secure your victory!


At Joshua Anthony Buyers Agent, we believe in the power of strategic planning. As a valued client, you'll receive comprehensive education and expert guidance from us. Together, we embark on the journey of creating and executing a meticulously crafted plan.

We don't promise overnight success, but armed with accurate information, you can take deliberate steps toward wealth accumulation and the design of a more prosperous future


Take advantage of our expertise and book your Discovery Session today.

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